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The Trisha Yearwood Tribute shadow box glass wall decor collection features four evocative, nostalgic black-and-white photographs, including a vinyl record underneath a tonearm as it plays on a turntable, an old radio broadcast microphone, a movie reel of celluloid film and a single lens reflex film camera that once would have been used to capture these images. Each photograph is displayed in its own glass and metal shadow box. Hinges and a clasp allow you to open these boxes.

TY Tribute Shadow Box Glass Wall Decor - Set of 4

    • Clean simplicity will blend well with many decor styles
    • The glass and the metallic gold finish of these shadow boxes add an elegant, subtle gleam to the room
    • Each shadow box is perfectly sized for a wall grouping
    • Hinges and clasp allow you to open these shadow boxes to change the display
    • Four related images enhance the mood of the collection
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